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Environment Coastal and Offshore (ECO) magazine has initiated a new project that benefits both university students and magazine readers by giving young writers a chance to summarize the latest marine science research for readers around the globe.

Beginning in December 2016, students from University of Portsmouth, School of Biological Sciences (Institute of Marine Science) presented short articles to ECO editor Greg Leatherman for inclusion on the ecomagazine.com website, as well as ECO's digital newsletter. Highlights will also be included in ECO's print editions.

The University of Portsmouth end is managed by Kira Coley, a lecturer in science communication at the university who regularly contributes marine science and innovation features to ECO. By getting her students involved with writing for publication, Kira can give them real world experience that teaches them to effectively communicate research findings to a broader audience. ECO reaches over 20,000 readers through its multi-media publications, most of whom are professionals working for offshore industries, government agencies, or research institutions.

"Communication is a skill vital for the survival of science and to help drive both advancements within the field and positive changes in our communities," Coley says.

Students select recent research papers to summarize and include links to the original publication. Their assignments are peer reviewed by others in the class and edited by Ms. Coley before they are sent to ECO. Upon acceptance, they are published in the ecoCurrents section of the publications, which also includes funding opportunities, job announcements, and other relevant news.

"Kira Coley has done her usual stellar job getting students involved in science communication,” said ECO editor Greg Leatherman, “Due to the immediate success of ecoCurrents, we hope to bring more universities into the project in 2017."

The expansion is sure to happen. Two U.S. schools have already contacted ECO with interest in joining the effort and ECO's sister publication, Ocean News and Technology (ONT) has tentative plans to begin a similar effort with a marine technology focus. For more information, visit www.ecomagazine.com/currents/.


ecoCURRENTS is a joint initiative between ECO and select universities that benefits science students by recruiting them to summarize the latest marine science research and providing them with published bylines. We also cover items of interest to environmental practitioners, such as citizen science, community engagement, the arts, and human-interest stories.

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