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Organization: Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Chesapeake and Coastal Service, Center for Coastal Planning

Location: Annapolis, MD

Description: The main duties of this position are to (1) advance local and coastal community capacity to understand, plan for and advance preparedness related to coastal hazards and climate resilience and waterfront uses; (2) promote sustainable waterfront planning and economic development through the State's Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) Section 309 programs; and, (3) deliver planning expertise and knowledge to coastal management projects. The incumbent will be responsible for addressing coastal planning work through delivery of support and project management expertise to local partners, engagement in statewide resilience initiatives, interpretation of coastal hazards data for local planning projects, and general program and policy support. This position will work in coordination with other Unit staff and adaptation planning efforts to translate science, policy and planning information to coastal decision makers.

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