Thu, Sep

Custom Endura ROV from Aquabotix.


UUV Aquabotix Ltd has added four new distributors to its global network. The partnerships will help support the company’s global expansion and sale of its underwater robotics products, including its Endura ROV, Hybrid AUV/ROV and AquaLens Connect underwater camera system. To date, Aquabotix has sold more than 350 vehicles in more than 40 countries.

Aquabotix’s latest distributors include: Sadaret Ltd, Seafloor Systems, Inc., Deekay Marine Services, Pvt. Ltd and A2 Marine Solution.

“As the underwater robotics market continues to grow and we continue to expand our global presence, we are always looking for reliable distributors with whom we can partner,” said Durval Tavares, CEO of Aquabotix. “Thanks to these recent additions to our network, we are now in a prime position to reach a wider range of users and suppliers and dramatically increase the distribution of our vehicles worldwide.”