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CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA), a marine environmental consulting firm specializing in spatial data collection, analysis, and management, is featured in Water: An Atlas, a map collection published by the non-profit group Guerilla Cartography. The group uses cartography and collaboration to tell stories about global issues.

CSA’s Environmental Data and Geospatial Services (EDGS) team integrates Geographic Information System (GIS) tools and techniques in nearly every project the company conducts. From data-rich maps to a web-based environmental Common Operating Picture (eCOP), their EDGS products are fundamental to the environmental services they provide clients in the United States and internationally.

Dustin Myers, CSA GIS Analyst, said, “We got involved in this non-profit effort to share stories of how we, as GIS analysts, use spatial data for projects in the marine environment, particularly those involving mapping of resources and monitoring of potential impacts. We’re pleased that our work is included among the stories told in the atlas.”

Two maps in the Atlas are contributions from the EDGS team, highlighting recent projects in the marine environment: Tampa Bay Hard Bottom Monitoring (Feature 72) and Oil and Gas Environmental Monitoring Offshore Gabon, West Africa (Feature 156). Water: An Atlas can be viewed online here.

CSA’s expertise in coastal, marine, and deep ocean surveys is built on the integration of science, operations, and an understanding of environmental data collection, management, and analysis within geospatial domains.

To learn more about the non-profit Guerilla Cartography, click here. National Geographic also featured a story on the atlas and contributors, which can be read here.