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On March 30th, 2018 EOM Offshore LLC advanced its strategic position in the U.S. market with the appointment of John Flynn and Flynn Technical Solutions LLC to serve as its representative in the “Hurricane” states.

John Flynn’s professional background serving as Technical Sales and VP Global Marketing Communications with various marine-related and technological companies will create synergy and momentum for EOM Offshore.

EOM Offshore is a spin-off from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI); the company specializes in fatigue-resistant mooring hoses that have the ability to stretch two and half times their original length while transmitting uninterruptable power and data to and from undersea sensors. They may also function as a hose, allowing fluid to be pumped from the surface to sampling instruments below a subsurface sphere. Other products include an Electro-Mechanical Chain which provides power and data capabilities in a non-compliant hose resisting stretch, as well as various hardware to accompany deployment of these hoses such as electromechanical universal-joints and line packs to facilitate mooring recovery.

According to John Flynn, “EOM Offshore’s innovative technologies bring an exciting new capability for increased reliability for data transmission and health management of moored buoy systems to the market. Flynn-Tech is proud to be a part of the team introducing and delivering these quality technologies to the customers of the Southeast.”

Flynn-Tech was conceived and established to bring competent representation for high reliability brands and products from the leaders in Marine Technology, representing Marine Interconnect, Instrumentation, Imaging, Software, Vehicles, and Anti-Biofouling Coatings throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States.