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Commercializing wave energy is a formidable task, and the technology companies active in this space are truly pushing the limits of modern engineering.

The wave showcase at Ocean Energy Europe 2017 is the place to find out what the latest developments are in wave converter technology, whether you’re a project developer, supply chain actor…or a competitor!

Wave Showcase: Proving tech on the high seas
Chair: Tim Hurst, MD, Wave Energy Scotland


  • Geir Arne Solheim, CEO, Havkraft
  • Paul Watson, European Director, OPT (tbc)
  • Graham Foster, CTO, Marine Power Systems
  • Jean-Luc Longeroche, MD, GEPS Techno
  • Marcelle Askew, Director, Seabased
  • Olivia Thilleul, Project Manager, SEM-REV

Ocean Energy Europe has expanded their conference program this year to allow a deeper dive into some of the crucial issues for ocean energy at the conference. Here are two examples:

1) Wave Power Take Off: Have we cracked it?

Power Take-Off is a pivotal component of any energy converter. But not all PTOs are equal – this session will weigh up the concepts on offer and ask if we’re starting to see technology convergence.

Hear from: Carnegie, CorPower, Nemos, Umbra Cuscinetti

2) Reliability & survivability: strategies for cost reduction

Making machines reliable and able to survive at sea for long periods is high on any developer’s priority list. Limiting maintenance and increasing yield enables you to reduce risk, and ultimately, cost of energy.

Hear from: AW Energy, INNOSEA, Loiretech