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Coconut Byproduct Stars in Eco-Friendly Approach to Oil Spill Cleanup

SpillFix® Industrial Organic Absorbent is made from a bi-product of the coconut (coir), which is an organic, renewable resource that is non-carcinogenic, contains no chemicals and is silica free. This 100% renewable organic material absorbs hazardous liquid spills on contact including oils, fuels, solvents, paints and chemicals, enabling effective clean up with minimal downtime.


When compared to clay-based absorbents, SpillFix clients need 80% less product to clean up spills in less than half the time. SpillFix is dustfree, non-abrasive and there is no after residue often left with heavy sticky clay or absorbent pads.

SpillFix can be reused to clean up more than one spill due to its superior absorbency, further adding to its cost savings. SpillFix is also landfill safe, providing lower disposal cost than other absorbent products with no environmental impact.

SpillFix was developed in Australia by the Founder and Executive Chairman of Galuku Group Limited, Joe Davids. Galuku Group has granted American Green Ventures, (US) Inc. the exclusive marketing and distribution rights for the North American market.

SpillFix is biologically stable and free of harmful silica dust. SpillFix absorbs hydrocarbon spills by encapsulating the liquid and trapping it inside its hollow channel structure. Used SpillFix that has absorbed hydrocarbons can be used as a fuel source in energy producing incinerators. SpillFix has also been tested to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Leachate standards for safe landfill disposal (always confer with local authorities) with no environmental impact.

R. John Smith, CEO of American Green Ventures, (US) Inc., said, “Compared with SpillFix, it takes seven times more clay-based absorbent to clean up one gallon of oil, which also produces three times the amount of waste. When you add the additional cost savings generated by SpillFix due to weight, transport and disposal, you create a very compelling argument for conversion, for those organizations that are focused on greater operational efficiencies.”

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