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OceanTools Launch World’s Most Advanced Subsea Optical Dye Detection System

Aberdeen, Scotland, based OceanTools recently launched their D7 DyeTector® subsea dye & leak detection system. Leaks from subsea infrastructure such as blowout preventors, manifolds and the suchlike have the potential to create untold environmental damage as demonstrated by the Deepwater Horizon/Macondo disaster of 2010.

The DyeTector is a sophisticated product with a 6000m/20,000’ depth rating that uses high intensity LEDs to cause a dye to fluoresce. The emitted light from the dye is then detected by photomultipliers that convert it to a value transmitted to the surface and displayed on a PC or laptop. The DyeTector can detect down to a few parts per billion (PPB) of dye dissolved in seawater thus quickly helping to find the source of a leak.

Another use of the product is during offshore drilling operations. Dye may be added to the cement that is used to secure casing to the seafloor. The DyeTector will detect cement returns the moment they return to the seafloor thus saving oil companies a fortune in rig time, cement and, in particular, prevent large amounts of cement pooling on the seabed.

The DyeTector is a great product that saves oil companies large amounts of money whilst simultaneously protecting our precious subsea environment.

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