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Russian Drone Promises a Universal Platform with a High Cargo-Carrying Capacity

SKYF is an unmanned aerial carrier platform for vertical take-off and landing. Designed by the Russian company ARDN technology, it can be modified for various tasks – from cargo logistics to fire extinguishing. Currently, the carrying capacity of the platform is up to 250 kg, its flight range is up to 350 km (with a carrying capacity of 50 kg) and its flight duration is up to 8 hours (with a carrying capacity of 50 kg).

Development of SKYF Platform began in 2014 and the debut flight of a full-size prototype took place in the spring of 2016. ARDN’s team is heavily involved in the creation of a new mathematical model and the development and implementation of a unique flight control system that is considerably different from flight control systems applicable to quadcopters and other multirotors. As of 2017, over 30 technical experts were engaged in the development of the platform.

EMBED white11SKYF utilizes a unique patented aerodynamic design and technical characteristics. Its design is based on the separation of the functions of the lifting and steering rotors. This makes it possible to use the ICE energy directly without the expensive electric circuitry of the series hybrid. One of the key features of SKYF is its ease and safety of use. The platform has a standardized size of 5.2 x 2.2 m. Two machines can be placed in an intermodal 20-ft cargo container. Once unloaded, a SKYF can be prepared for flight in 10 minutes.

SKYF platform advantages

  • High CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity)
  • High fuel range/flight duration
  • Operational under a wide range of weather conditions, any time of the day
  • Modular construction with an option to create versions of ARDN.ONE with various CCC, fuel range, etc.
  • Accommodates various types of payloads, including energy-intensive payloads
  • Complete autonomy
  • Secure usage through the use of electronic signature for flight assignments
  • Easy, straightforward and low-cost maintenance
  • DaaS business model (Drone-as-a-Service)

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