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Sonardyne Offer Free Weekly Series of Interactive Webinars

The Sonardyne Training Team announce their new FREE weekly live interactive Webinar Series discussing the principles of our Underwater Positioning Systems. 

During these informative and engaging sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and grow your understanding of how one can confidently position structures and navigate vehicles at the bottom of our oceans.  

Not your usual webinar!

This is a fully interactive “virtual classroom” experience where you will be able to use the tools in the video-conferencing app to engage with the host and the other Sonardyne trainer supporting the session. Due to nature of these webinars, spaces are limited to 30 per session.  However, due to high demand we will be repeating the series, and recordings will be posted on our YouTube channel for those who prefer to box-set binge!  

This six-part series will comprise the following subjects: 

Webinar 1. Acoustic Positioning                 

Duration 60mins

Gain an overview what underwater Acoustic Positioning is, why we need it and what the various systems. It also takes a quick look at sound itself and the acoustic signals we use in Sonardyne to provide high precision underwater positioning.  

Webinar 2. Principles of Ultra Short Baseline (USBL)                     

Duration 60mins

Take a closer look at the USBL Acoustic Positioning system; the equipment that comprises the system, how it works, the various modes of operation and a quick look at how the system is calibrated.  

Webinar 3. Principles of Long Baseline (LBL)                                  

Duration 60mins

Get familiar with the LBL Acoustic Positioning System; how the equipment is deployed and calibrated, what acoustic communications are used during both calibration & tracking and, of course, how the system derives a position underwater.  

Webinar 4. Principles of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)           

Duration 60mins

Learn what an Inertial Navigation System is, how it works, what information it can give us and how/why it used in partnership with acoustic positioning systems.

Webinar 5. Sparse LBL                                                                                

Duration 45mins

Build on topics discussed in Webinars 3 & 4 to understand what “Sparse LBL” is, what are its benefits & challenges and when it is used.

Webinar 6. SLAM                                                                                        

Duration 45mins

You may have heard of ‘SLAM’. Here you’ll learn how it applies to underwater positioning with INS and Sparse LBL.  

To register and for more details on these webinars and other online training Sonardyne can provide click here and select the “Free Webinar Series” menu bar, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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