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Status of REV Ocean

REV Ocean was established in Fornebu, Norway, in 2017, with a critical mission to facilitate a new generation of ocean solutions and raise awareness of global impacts on the marine environment. The main platform to achieve this important mission is developing the world’s most advanced research and expedition vessel – REV Ocean. An extensive team of world-leading experts have been hired, and a broad network of science, research and innovation partners have submitted proposals to achieve our ocean saving mission.

Over the past year, the construction of the REV Ocean vessel has been beset by delays caused by the yard. We have been hoping the situation would improve, but compounding issues are causing further setbacks. We have not received a timeline for when a compliant ship will be delivered. Our own best estimate suggests a three to five year delay for when the vessel can be placed in operation. This is related to technical and weight challenges, and the ship is as of today not in accordance with the specifications in the shipbuilding contract. Delivery can first take place when the ship is able to conduct the research and expedition missions which the ship is intended for.

Due to the substantial delay from the yard, there is a right to cancel the contract. However, this right has so far not been used. The top priority for the owner is delivery of a compliant research and expedition vessel. Despite this setback, the REV Ocean ambition remains the same – One Healthy Ocean. During this time we will continue to implement our overarching mission, but as a result of the extended delay of the ship, all vessel-related activities will temporarily be put on hold. Unfortunately, this will have consequences for our entire team, but the intention is to reconstitute when the vessel is closer to completion.

Core focal areas will quickly shift to support projects related to ocean data, solutions to ocean plastic pollution, and emerging technology such as autonomous platforms for ocean observation. This work will be done together with other Aker companies and initiatives such as C4IR Ocean, Aker BioMarine, and Aker Horizons, as well as external organisations such as the Nekton Foundation. REV Ocean will use this opportunity to fill critical knowledge gaps, develop innovative solutions, and bridge science, business and policy sectors to achieve positive change. Our actions will also continue to support the UN Decade of Ocean Science (2021-2030).

The REV Ocean Board and Management team are working together with staff to find the best opportunities in this challenging interim phase, to scale up existing ocean ‘solutions’, and develop relevant skills needed for REV Ocean’s future operational phase.

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