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Water Quality in RAS Farms Significantly Improved by Danish Technology

Blue Unit Solution put water quality in the spotlight at this year’s Aqua Nor fair in Trondheim. A focus, that will reduce fish mortality and improve water quality. The trade association, Dansk Akvakultur, follow the development closely

More control, reduced fish mortality and improved water quality. That is just some of what Blue Unit Solution has to offer the aquaculture industry at this year’s Aqua Nor fair in Trondheim on August 24th -27th. Blue Unit will present their new Lab Station. A program specially designed with censors to collect data on 13 vital water quality parameters from up to 12 locations on a farm simultaneously.

– RAS farms are composed by countless different components that are all interconnected. If any of these components should fail, it will have a negative impact on the rest of the farm. If the water quality devolves in a bad direction, it is of utmost importance that it is discovered and fixed as quickly as possible. It’s comparable to the human heart: if it stops beating, all the vital functions of the body will go on a catastrophic downward spiral, says Henrik Hamann Juhl, who alongside his colleagues David Owen and Caspar Yan Hansen will represent Blue Unit at Aqua Nor 2021.

Blue Unit strives to be a frontrunner within IoT technology, data modelling and in laying the groundwork for integrated data-driven decision making. The aquaculture industry is moving towards a higher level of industrialization with a strong influence from IoT.

EM1 BLU 2104 2kAt this year’s Aqua Nor in Trondheim, you can meet Blue Unit at both their stand and at their in-depth presentation about Lab Station. Foto: Aqua Nor.

High water quality is key

One of the major issues in modern RAS farming is ammonia and hydrogen sulfide control. Blue Unit recently developed a novel method to quantify the amount of ammonia in a farm, the Blue Unit Lab Station. By using the new software, Blue Unit has, among other things, found that ammonia changes significantly throughout a production day.

These insights coupled with other operational data on a farm, equip management with a powerful tool to increase their knowledge and better understand their situation. Moreover, they will be able to read how their water and thus also their fish will react in the future. For example, this can help prevent disease and mortality in the stocks.

The importance of correct and precise measurements of water chemistry is something that is closely monitored by Dansk Akvakultur, the trade association for the Danish fish farming industry.

– RAS technology is constantly evolving. We see a constant development in the farms – both within construction, technology and operation. But a stable and high-water quality is key to good farming, and therefore we follow developments in the field closely, says Brian Thomsen, CEO of Dansk Akvakultur.

EM2 BLU 2104 3Blue Unit Lab Station from Danish Blue Unit is the first centralised monitoring system for RAS farms, that measures 13 vital water quality parameters 24/7. Foto: Blue Unit.

Meet Blue Unit and Lab Station at Aqua Nor 2021

On Aqua Nor 2021 Blue Unit will give an in-depth talk about their philosophy, their abilities measuring gradients on farms as well as insights into the fourth revolution in RAS, where technology is used for automatization of production. Moreover, you can download a dummy version of the program with a QR-code, in order for visitors to be able to see the data sites as well as gain insight into the Blue Unit Lab Station.

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