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Coral Gardeners of OCEANA Bring Hope to Global Reef

The mysteries of the ocean depths call, but only a few answer, though, the beauty and adventure in what lies closer to the surface, many times, turns from simple wonder, into passionate connection.

“I think those deeper ecosystems have survived for millions of years and will survive millions of years longer. It’s that thin skin of life up near the top of the ocean we need to put our focus on now.” says James Cameron - Producer/ Deepsea Explorer (Avatar, Terminator, Deepsea Challenge 3D), and that is exactly what the filmmakers of the new coral reef documentary, OCEANA, have achieved- discovering hope in the groundbreaking work of top marine scientists.

Avi King - Producer, explains “OCEANA takes us on an underwater adventure that allows us to view the many worlds underneath our feet. It inspires us to take the positive action with healing solutions to the plight of this world’s biggest living life form, the coral reef, as only we can be this planet’s heroes."

Studies from the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science (Science Daily - July 25, 2017) have found that Caribbean staghorn corals (Acropora cervicornis) are benefiting from coral gardening via the planting of laboratory-raised coral, and have shown that the methods for restoration are having a positive effect toward creating healthy new coral. “Much of what we discover though the journey of the OCEANA narrative helps us understand the details of the cause, in order for us to come together across cultures with our different experiences and perspectives, to unify our efforts.” says Christos Chrestatos - Producer.

As a drop of water that starts a ripple in an ocean, Producers Rockwell Sheraton (The Notebook/ Alpha Dog) and Riz Story extend the scope of OCEANA with The Ocean Society- inspiring global efforts toward coral gardening, by bringing together the world’s leading scientists toward refining the methods of coral gardening, to preserve the beauty, and habitat of the coral reef, for generations to come. “OCEANA is the culmination of my life’s passion for film, music and the grandeur of mother ocean.” says Riz Story. “While his TED Talks on coral gardening are illuminating, being able to work directly with marine biologist, and Fiji native, Dr. Austin Bowden-Kerby, has really inspired our adventure on this documentary” adds Rockwell Sheraton.

“The ocean is so important to me, to all of us- and I will keep telling anyone that will listen (and those that won’t) that we need to protect it.” says Richard Branson - Business Magnate/ Philanthropist (Virgin/ Ocean Elders), reinforcing the message of OCEANA, and reminding us “We have the opportunity, we know what the solutions are, let’s get to work.” In the spirit of works supporting several animal and wildlife causes, producers Avi King and Christos Chrestatos continue their charitable work via their highly anticipated film and television projects, including tv series THE CAT CAFE and CELEBRITY VOICE, which allow opportunities through the world of entertainment for charitable causes, built into each project.

“As a kid, I always had a fascination with the ocean and it’s wildlife,” said Leonardo DiCaprio - Actor/ Producer (The Revenant, The Wolf of Wall Street, A Plastic Ocean). To learn more about the film OCEANA and The Ocean Society, please visit:

Oceana - Trailer

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By Jihan Thomas & Lincoln Ruybalid


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