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MyPlasticDiary Plastic Footprint App

MyPlasticDiary is a young start-up dedicated to applying the power of digital innovation to the problem of plastic pollution.

About the app

MyPlasticDiary is a fun and easy to use free app that allows users to track their plastic, understand their footprint and ultimately reduce it. Below is a simple introductory video that conveys the main idea of the app.

The app itself is available for download from App Store and Google Play. It is available in every country and anyone can use it. Here is the list of main features of the app:

Log your plastic:

Use the app to log all plastic you consume on daily basis. Choose the plastic packaging type using MyPlasticDiary’s intuitive interface (for example, Drinks then Plastic Cup), then choose the size and click submit. Three easy clicks and you have logged your piece of plastic. The default weight of the piece is set for you by the application, but you can overwrite it if you like! If you do not find your packaging type you can enter it at ‘Other plastic’ or use another packaging type that is similar in nature and has a similar weight.

Monitor your progress:

Once you started logging your plastic, you can see how much you use – you can see your daily, weekly and monthly usage graphs and track how you are reducing your footprint.

Receive awards:

What’s more, you receive virtual awards on weekly basis. You get awarded a gold, silver and bronze medal for using little plastic, but you can also set your own goals and track how your consumption compares to the goal you set.

Understand and reduce your footprint :

You can understand what exactly drives your plastic footprint by checking detailed statistics, which breaks down your footprint by category of packaging. Some people report that they get real insights by checking this breakdown – for instance, realizing that they waste a lot more plastic based on their snacks and other items requiring individual packaging then they imagined.

What next for MyPlasticDiary?

MyPlasticDiary team think that their app can be a useful tool for raising awareness about plastic pollution, both for individual consumers but also as an educational tool for schools and universities. They would be very interested in offering the app as a tool used in various “Plastic Free Schools” campaigns and we are in talks with several UK-based charities about this. They know from personal experience that the very act of systematically recording one’s plastic usage for a period of time is the best way to understand the problem and perhaps think of some practical steps to reduce one’s footprint. Given them most teenagers and young adults these days are very keen on using mobile apps and social media, they think that MyPlasticDiary mobile app with its social media sharing features can be a very appealing proposition for this age group.

A bit more about the story behind the app and the motivation of the founders:

MyPlasticDiary is a team of three people, founded by two guys with background in product and software development. It was born out of their personal experience of trying to reduce their own plastic footprint while balancing this priority with a busy work schedule and family commitments. Their dream is to make reducing plastic footprint a lot more accessible to an average person.

The founders of the app see it as their mission to make plastic footprint as easily available to people as nutritional or fitness info.

Indeed, they think that considering one’s plastic footprint can become part of the sustainable lifestyle routine that is followed by many people, much like Fitbit, Strava or MyFitnessPal and similar apps are for people who choose to lead healthy lifestyle.

To make this happen, MyPlasticDiary plan to integrate plastic footprint into the mechanics of daily shopping. Since most of plastic comes as packaging, especially grocery packaging, they see their key goal is to integrate with online shopping platforms like UK’s Tesco and Sainsbury’s and other major supermarkets around the globe. Imagine that as you are about to do a check-out of your online grocery shopping, you are told that there is 500g of plastic in your basket. You may be given some options to reduce by switching to other products, but even simply being informed is a big deal (especially if you can later check this info in a specialized app on your phone and track how it changes over time as you adjust your shopping behaviour). Yes, MyPlasticDiary know that currently major supermarkets offer very little plastic-free alternatives and they are open to working with all other retailers, including plastic free and eco friendly online shops, but as their mission is to take plastic footprint tracking to the masses, they are going to work with all shops, even those who do not have a great reputation in terms of plastic reduction today.

Source: Cocoon Communications

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