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Aerial view of nature-based shoreline at NOAA laboratory on Pivers Island in Beaufort, North Carolina, in 2014. The shoreline, constructed from salt marsh plants and submerged oyster reef, was planted in 2000 and has successfully prevented erosion of the lawn behind the marsh. Credit: NOAA.


NOAA's National Center for Coastal Ocean Science is seeking to fill a number of contract positions for the aquaculture program. The deadline for application is 3 November 2017.

Open Positions Include:

Marine Spatial Scientists: support development of marine spatial planning research and products related to screening and siting of aquaculture in coastal waters of the U.S.

Habitat Modeler: review the state of science and develop predictive models and geospatial support tools to investigate the link between sand resource and sand shoal morphology and habitat use by managed fish species. Synthesis and model output will be used by BOEM to analyze the potential impacts of offshore sand dredging on living marine resources.

Marine Spatial Modelers: develop marine spatial planning models and products related to screening and siting of aquaculture in coastal waters of the U.S.

Spatial Data Manager: support data acquisition and processing of marine spatial planning data supporting aquaculture screening and siting in U.S. coastal waters.

Communications Specialist: support a communications portfolio related to coastal aquaculture in the NOAA National Ocean Service, Beaufort, North Carolina.

To read full position descriptions and apply, click here.

These positions are not federal employment. These will be hired through JHT Incorporated with the intent of placing staff in the Beaufort, NC office. Hiring multiple persons for each position is anticipated. Please direct any questions about the positions to our hiring manager [email protected].