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The GoMRI Research Board is pleased to announce the availability of up to $2 million in additional funding for Request for Sample Analysis Funds.

Only currently funded Consortium Directors or Principal Investigators (PIs), through RFP-IV Responsible Conclusions, RFP-V, and RFP-VI, are eligible to request funds to complete the processing and analysis of samples on hand that might conclude hypothesis testing or allow exploration of new/unanticipated scientific questions / hypotheses.

This funding will support sample analysis expenditures, including costs for:

  • sample processing,
  • analysis, and
  • interpretation of results.

To learn more, click here. Please click here for answers to questions you might have. Additional questions or requests for clarification regarding this opportunity should be submitted [email protected]

The deadline for submission of requests for Request for Sample Analysis  Funds is 5:00pm Eastern / 4:00pm Central on July 2, 2018.