Job Opportunity: Fisheries Technician at Mote Marine Laboratory

Mote Marine Laboratory is seeking a fisheries technician to fill a full-time position in the Center for Fisheries Electronic Monitoring at Mote (CFEMM), Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture, under the supervision of Center Director, Carole Neidig, and Center Coordinator, Max Lee.

Mote Marine Laboratory is conducting partnerships with the commercial Gulf of Mexico reef fish fishing industry in response to the need to provide reliable, quality, accurate, and timely catch and bycatch documentation in U.S. domestic fisheries through the use of electronic monitoring (EM), a video imaging technology that Mote has spearheaded in the Gulf. 

The position will help accomplish several programmatic goals - (1) Advance the use of EM in fishery-dependent data collections; (2) Further adapt EM technology to improve the collection and quality of catch characterization, effort, and quantification of discard species (e.g. finfish, sharks) for use by fisheries management; (3) Integrate EM data with on-board and fish house data collections to provide data linkages; (4) Expand local and regional capacity for EM Gulf wide; and (5) Address NMFS-identified shortfalls of EM in the context of program implementation. 

Essential Job Function:

Assist with CFEMM research activities associated with four new EM projects.

  1. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) - “Electronic Monitoring Applications and Data Solutions for Sustainability in a Gulf of Mexico Multispecies Fishery, Phase II”.
  2. NOAA Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program - “Best Fishing Practices for Bycatch Reduction in the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Fishery: Employing Innovation Underwater Cameras and Refined Modeling to further the Use of Electronic Monitoring”.
  3. NOAA Cooperative Research Project - “Reducing Bycatch and Optimizing Efficiency in the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Fishery, Phase I: Accurately Assessing the Bycatch Problem Using Electronic Monitoring in Cooperative Research”
  4. Net Gains Alliance - “Building Linkages for Use of Electronic and Human Observer Data in the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Fishery”


CFEMM Programmatic Assistance:

  • Communicate frequently with supervisors providing updates on progress, problems, and needs (document, when necessary in electronic format)
  • Prepare and track purchase orders and expense reports for project needs
  • Conduct literature reviews and aid citation management
  • Use copiers and printers, laminating machine, labeler, etc
  • Package and mail supplies and/or hard drives to other locations
  • Organize photographs and documents in folders on Google Drive™.
  • Maintain Center materials on Google Drive™ (e.g. protocols, species ID manuals)
  • Prepare and track staff, volunteer, and intern confidentiality agreement renewals
  • Track CFEMM professional volunteer and intern hours
  • Listen to pertinent fisheries related meetings and webinars, provide detailed notes to staff, and track the meetings and webinar dates using Google Drive spreadsheet
  • Use labeling software to annotate fish images for application to machine learning algorithms
  • Assist with providing Center Coordinator task lists to volunteers and interns
  • Contribute to CFEMM website updates
  • Maintain and track inventory of all project related equipment and supplies
  • Review, distribute, and track CFEMM agreements with vessel owners, and captains
  • Maintain detailed notes and maintain time log of activities
  • Represent Mote in a professional manner

Vessel Video Review and Hard Drive Management:

  • Train to work with review software.
  • Identify finfish and shark species caught in the Gulf and SE Atlantic
  • Review video hard drives from fishing vessels
  • Assist Center Coordinator with training college interns and volunteers
    Field Assistance:
  • Maintain vessel contact listing.
  • Track vessel schedules by frequent communications with Fish Houses, captains, owners.
  • Maintain and track all participating vessel work and correspondence with captains and or owners conducted by CFEMM in Google Drive™ spreadsheet.
  • Travel to dockages to check in with vessel captains, owners, fish houses, as needed.
  • Obtain and digitize Trip weigh-out reports from Dealers
  • Pick up EM hard drives from vessels, as per instructed.
  • Check/maintain/repair EM equipment on the vessels as needed.
  • Employ understanding of technical aspects of EM equipment and software upkeep, and work with tools required to maintain EM equipment.
  • Work closely with dockside representatives from across the Gulf as a Center representative.
  • Take photo documentation as requested of project components, vessels, etc. 

Application deadline: December 1st 2020
For more information and how to apply, click here.

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