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Side Scan Sonar Image of USS LexingtonWreckageand it’s Aircrafton the Sea Floor. Credit to Paul Allen, the R/V Petrel team.


Underwater technology provider, EdgeTech,wasrecently honoredto learn that itsindustry leading side scan sonar technology was once again used bytheResearch Vessel Petrel and Paul Allen’s talented team in the discovery of the USS Lexington.


The USS Lexington, one of the first aircraft carriersbuilt and commissioned by the United States of America, wassunk during the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942off the coast of Australia.The wreckage was discovered in approximately 3,000 meters of water. EdgeTech side scan sonar systems provideoperators the ability to imagelarge areas of the sea floor during important deep-watersearcheswhen the whereabouts of sunken objects arelargely unknown.EdgeTech’sunique side scan sonar frequencypairings such as75 / 230 kHzprovidethe ability to image over a 2,000-meterswath as researchers conduct searchpattersin deep waters. The discovery of the USS Lexington comes less than one year after the discovery of the USS Indianapolis. EdgeTech takes great pride in knowing it’shigh quality, reliable underwater acoustic imaging systemscontinue to assist in these historical endeavors, the company explains.