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Coda Octopus has added a wide angle 90° x 40° 240kHz capability to their Echoscope high resolution real-time 3D sonar. This new variant of sonar has multiple projectors and affords increased opening angle thus significantly increasing the field-of-view and survey area of coverage.

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Aerial of beautiful Kenawa Island, Sumbawa, Indonesia Photo by Raditya Maulana.

Earthship Biotecture is launching the construction of a second building on Pulau Kenawa Island in Indonesia. With the ultimate goal to create a new model of human settlement, the Earthship Island is the beginning of a great project aiming to develop sustainable human housing.

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The RanMarine team developed a solar-powered unmanned surface vehicle (USV) capable of cleaning water surfaces with little or no human supervision

It’s widely understood that the water on our planet is critical to the existence of life - our seas produce the oxygen we breathe, provide the food we eat, and absorb vast quantities of greenhouse gases. And though 95% of our ocean remains a mystery, we are certain of one thing: our oceans are in critical danger.

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