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Unabara has completed a seafloor geotechnical and bathymetric demonstration survey for various federal and state agencies on the US Gulf Coast. The area of study was the Gulfport, Mississippi Ship Navigation Channel; in particular, areas where “fluid mud” presents potential problems for safe ship passage.

The key acoustic component for the survey was Unabara’s Hydro-2F™ Multi-Frequency Synthetic Beam Bathymetric & Sea Floor Sonar. In addition to providing precision bathymetric mapping, the Hydro-2F™ processed acoustic backscatter data from the sea floor to predict reflection coefficient, porosity, bulk density and other characteristics of the sediments. Applications for the Hydro-2F range from standard hydrographic mapping, to dredging monitoring, to artificial reef placement selection and shoreline restoration.

Augmented reality maps of both bathymetry and sediment characteristics were generated using Hydromagic™ Survey PC Software (from Eye4Software of the Netherlands).

Interested parties are invited to request a copy of the survey report (including maps) in PDF format (delivered via email) by emailing: [email protected] and requesting a copy of Gulfport Survey 2018-1. For additional information about the Hydro-2F™ sonar, click here.