Mon, Nov

BOEM’s ongoing studies in Alaska focus on protected and endangered species; physical oceanography; wildlife biology; subsistence and traditional knowledge studies; and economic modeling. Photo credit: BOEM


The Quarterly Report for BOEM-funded study reports posted to the Environmental Studies Program Information System (ESPIS) in the fourth quarter of FY 2017 has been officially released.

It provides concise descriptions on the purpose of each study, the findings, and how BOEM will use the research results. This edition covers two studies from the Gulf of Mexico, and one from the Pacific OCS region, as well as four new starts funded through September.

The reports and associated technical summaries can be accessed through ESPIS, which displays reports with geo-referencing tools, animation and other new features.

ESPIS makes all completed ESP reports available on-line as full electronic pdf documents, including images and graphics, as well as links to associated data portals and peer-reviewed articles. Technical summaries of more than 1,800 BOEM-sponsored environmental research projects and more than 3,500 research reports are available for online search. ESPIS can be accessed here.