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Special Issue: Ocean Sound

This year’s special issue reports on the organizations and technologies that are mapping the soundscape of our unsilent seas, and revealing some surprising discoveries along the way.

Ocean Could Be Key to Future Food Security

A new scientific paper written for the High Level Panel a Sustainable Ocean Economy finds that, with better management and technological innovation, the ocean could provide over six times more food than it does today - more than two thirds of the animal protein that will be needed to feed the future global population, according to estimates from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

EuroSea: Gathering More Knowledge for a Sustainable Use of the Ocean

A new EU project funded with 12m Euros will provide new insight into making ocean observation more efficient

Understanding the Impact of Deep-Sea Mining

Mining materials from the sea floor could help secure a low-carbon future, but researchers are racing to understand the environmental effects.

California’s Coast is Acidifying Twice as Fast as the Global Ocean

In first-of-its-kind research, NOAA scientists and academic partners used 100 years of microscopic shells to show that the coastal waters off California are acidifying twice as fast as the global ocean average -- with the seafood supply in the crosshairs.

Change of Shifts at the North Pole

As the second leg of the 1-year-long MOSAiC expedition begins, participants review the mission so far

High-precision Map of Antarctic Ice Sheet Bed Topography

New findings will help scientists predict climate change impact on frozen continent

Antarctic Waters: Warmer with More Acidity and Less Oxygen

The increased freshwater from melting Antarctic ice sheets plus increased wind has reduced the amount of oxygen in the Southern Ocean and made it more acidic and warmer, according to new research led by University of Arizona geoscientists.

Starry Eyes on the Reef: Color-Changing Brittle Stars Can See

Scientists have shown for the first time that brittle stars use vision to guide them through vibrant coral reefs, thanks to a neat colour-changing trick.

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