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New Deep-Sea Animal Discoveries Warrant Expanded Protections in Costa Rican Waters

Scientists aboard Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel Falkor surveyed deep-sea seamounts outside Isla del Coco UNESCO World Heritage site revealing coral communities with surprising diversity.

New Investment for Businesses to Tackle Ocean Plastics Crisis

Up to £6 million in simultaneous grant and private investment is on offer to UK businesses with innovative solutions to reduce pollution in the world's oceans.

Millions of Tons of Plastic Waste Could Be Turned into Clean Fuels

The United Nations estimates that more than 8 million tons of plastics flow into the oceans each year. A new chemical conversion process could transform the world's polyolefin waste, a form of plastic, into useful products, such as clean fuels and other items.

Seafood Mislabelling Persists Throughout Canada’s Supply Chain, Study Reveals

Not only does Canada continue to have a problem with fish mislabelling, but that problem persists throughout the supply chain, according to a first-ever study by University of Guelph researchers.

New Groundbreaking Approach to Conservation and Development Planning Unveiled

A key partnership has played a key role in the design of master plan which projects net positive conservation benefit of up to 30 percent of current values

BOEM’s New National Marine Minerals Information System Enhances Coastal Recovery and Resilience Planning

MMIS maps offshore sand information for managing physical sediment resources in the OCS

NASA Finds Possible Second Impact Crater Under Greenland Ice

A NASA glaciologist has discovered a possible second impact crater buried under more than a mile of ice in northwest Greenland.

Differences in Water Temperature Can Create New Marine Species

Warm and cool water temperatures over a long stretch of coastline cause new species of marine fish to evolve

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England’s Regional Coastal Monitoring Program (RCMP) which monitors 5,672 kilometers of English coastline, will continue to include Fugro expertise. Fugro’s coastal oceanographic team is awarded a contract for a further five years to manage the


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