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Scientists have developed a new algorithm for radar satellites that allows them to measure changes in sea level and ocean currents in previously ‘invisible’ ice-covered regions.

Source: https://greenfuture.io/nature/seagrass-facts/


Scientists discover deep-water seagrass meadows in a pristine Indian Ocean wilderness by satellite tracking green turtles

Source: www.facts-about.info


New research using novel technology will reveal migration patterns of the Atlantic bluefin tuna and confirm return to UK waters

Image of Long Range Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (LRAUVs) in pre-testing before the expedition. The robots were programmed with missions to detect features inside the eddy. When a feature was discovered, the LRAUVs locked in, tracking the feature for days at a time. Image Credit: Elisha M Wood-Charlson / University of Hawai‘i Mānoa. Credit: Elisha M Wood-Charlson/ University of Hawai‘i Mānoa


Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel Falkor arrives with unprecedented detail of microbial communities found in Eddy fields using new underwater vehicles.

Researchers aboard the RV Roger Revelle prepare a bottle to collect water from the deep ocean. Credit: Rebecca Fowler


Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences researchers have developed a statistical method to quantify important ocean measurements from satellite data, publishing their findings in the journal Global Biogeochemical Cycles.

A juvenile blue tang swims amid staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis). Photo Credit: Mark Ladd


Incorporating natural processes to exploit ecological forces and drive recovery of coral reef ecosystems is imperative, say ecologists

New study reveals that nature-based options for coastal defence, such as marsh and oyster reef restoration, could prevent $50 billion in flood damages on the Gulf Coast.

An eroding Mississippi Delta: How quickly is it washing away? Scientists have new answers. Credit: Wikimedia


New study using optical dating to measure how fast the Mississippi Delta is moving suggests plans for Mississippi River diversions will produce new land, but more slowly than shoreline is lost.

Source: SeaGrant California


New research is shedding light on how mechanically placed sand on San Diego County beaches moves and its potential impacts. The study, published in the journal Coastal Engineering, could help planners develop beach nourishment projects that will reach their intended goals without causing unintended problems. North San Diego County for instance is planning a 50-year, $160 million series of beach nourishments intended to combat flooding and erosion, and provide recreational space for tourists.

Fishing vessels rest at the docks in Westport, Washington. Credit: Craig D'Angelo/NOAA Fisheries


Last year's closure of the commercial ocean salmon troll fishery off the US West Coast is estimated to have cost $5.8 million to $8.9 million in lost income for fishermen, with the loss of 200 to 330 jobs, according to a new model that determines the cost of fisheries closures based on the choices fishermen make.

Herring trawlers are among the largest fishing vessels on the East Coast, dwarfing recreational and small commercial vessels. Credit: The Pew Charitable Trusts


Coming soon: a chance to protect one of New England’s most important forage fish, says Pew.

Credit Jamen Percy/Shutterstock


A new bipartisan bill introduced in U.S. Congress in March encourages a science-based approach to significantly reduce the overfishing and unsustainable trade of sharks, rays and skates around the world and prevent shark finning.

Mike Backus from Nexen addressing the audience at DEVEX 2017.


The biggest not-for-profit reservoir technical conference in Aberdeen offers free training opportunities for delegates, selling out in the first morning.

Marine-i, the EU funded programme set up to boost the marine technology sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, is inviting applications to a £1 million innovation fund.

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the aquaculture sector in the Highlands and Islands are being reminded of the £1m Accelerated Aquaculture Innovation (AAI) fund.

The First Minister at All-Energy 2017


First minister Nicola Sturgeon to deliver keynote address at All-Energy 2018.

Attendees at previous Sand Management Euroforum


Sand management is one of the biggest challenges facing oil and gas assets worldwide, affecting production, damaging equipment, causing failure and costing producers billions of dollars per year.

Employment Opportunity, Division of Ocean Sciences (OCE), NSF

Compact Bailout Rebreathing Apparatus (COBRA)


Bibby Offshore has become the first to deploy a pioneering diving safety system in the North Sea.

Teledyne Gavia, manufacturer of the Gavia Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), announces the integration of Marine Magnetics’ Explorer AUV magnetometer.

The mantis shrimp has inspired a new method of underwater navigation. Source: University of Queensland


Marine animals such as mantis shrimp and squid have inspired a new mode of underwater navigation that allows for greater accuracy.

University of Illinois electrical and computer engineering professor Viktor Gruev led a study demonstrating underwater global positioning made possible by a bio-inspired camera that mimics the eyes of a mantis shrimp. Credit: Viktor Gruev


The underwater environment may appear to the human eye as a dull-blue, featureless space. However, a vast landscape of polarization patterns appears when viewed through a camera that is designed to see the world through the eyes of many of the animals that inhabit the water.

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA), a marine environmental consulting firm, and HWCG LLC, a consortium of 18 offshore oil and gas operators, collaborated on the design of a deepwater sampling and monitoring equipment program to support the environmental needs of the offshore industry. The equipment program remains containerized, on standby, and ready to be immediately mobilized in the event a deepwater blowout occurs in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

A leading manufacturer of water quality monitoring equipment, In-Situ, is launching the new a cost-effective multiprobe ideal for both spot checks and long-term monitoring. Aqua TROLL® 500 is a wireless-enabled instrument that streamlines data collection, saving hours in the field while delivering more reliable data.

On April 1 2018, Dr. Gurpartap “GP” Sandhoo was selected for appointment to the Senior Executive Service at the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and for assignment as the Superintendent for Spacecraft Engineering department of the Naval Center for Space Technology (NCST).

Pipetech, the independent process system integrity specialist, has launched a new Active Caisson Management service following a number of recent projects with North Sea operators.

Doug Whyte, Hydro Group Managing Director


Managing Director of subsea cable and connector specialist Hydro Group plc, Doug Whyte, has been announced as a finalist in this year’s EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in the sustained excellence category.

The Everglades Foundation has added new Chief Operating Officer/Vice President for Policy & Programs Shannon Estenoz and new Communications Director Rebeca Rose. The organization is a non-profit dedicated to leading efforts to restore and protect the greater Everglades ecosystem.

Clarke Shepherd, global business development director at Oil Plus.


Oil Plus Ltd, a specialist global oil and gas consultancy has secured contracts worth more than $1.5m over the past three months and has significantly expanded its footprint in the Middle East.

Credit: National Marine Aquarium


The late David Pridden asks industry to match-fund legacy and support schools outreach programme

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