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Special Issue: Ocean Sound

This year’s special issue reports on the organizations and technologies that are mapping the soundscape of our unsilent seas, and revealing some surprising discoveries along the way.

High-precision Map of Antarctic Ice Sheet Bed Topography

New findings will help scientists predict climate change impact on frozen continent

Antarctic Waters: Warmer with More Acidity and Less Oxygen

The increased freshwater from melting Antarctic ice sheets plus increased wind has reduced the amount of oxygen in the Southern Ocean and made it more acidic and warmer, according to new research led by University of Arizona geoscientists.

Starry Eyes on the Reef: Color-Changing Brittle Stars Can See

Scientists have shown for the first time that brittle stars use vision to guide them through vibrant coral reefs, thanks to a neat colour-changing trick.

New Science Shows "Mobile" Marine Protection Needed in Changing Climate

World leaders are currently updating the laws for international waters that apply to most of the world's ocean environment. This provides a unique opportunity, marine scientists argue this week, to introduce new techniques that allow protected zones to shift as species move under climate change.

NOAA and Ocean Infinity to Develop Deep-Water Autonomous Technologies

NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research and the ocean data and technology company Ocean Infinity have announced a new agreement to develop deep-water autonomous technologies that can gather ultra-high-resolution ocean information.

Dozens of New Corals Discovered on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Scientists have discovered dozens of new coral species on a recent voyage along the length of the Great Barrier Reef that will provide valuable insights to aid conservation and management of Australia’s unique World Heritage site.

Satellites Reveal New Ice-Loss Patterns of Antarctica's Biggest Glacier

Using the latest satellite technology from the European Space Agency (ESA), scientists from the University of Bristol have been tracking patterns of mass loss from Pine Island -- Antarctica's largest glacier.

Sea Level Rise to Cause Major Economic Impact in the Absence of Further Climate Action

The Paris Agreement, adopted in 2015 by 175 parties, aims to limit global warming to well below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

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The Bangladesh Marine Academy has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) and The Nautical Institute (NI) to recognize the exceptional quality of its maritime education


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