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Coastal Hotspots in Spain at Greatest Risk of Wildfire

Temperatures across Europe have soared over the last month and wildfires have raged across thousands of acres impacting vast swathes of society and the environment.

Scientists at climate tech business AiDash have analysed the latest satellite data to report that land surface temperatures have increased 6 degrees celsius and several holiday hotspots in Spain are at serious risk of wildfires in the next two weeks.

The Top 10 Spanish provinces at the highest risk of fires in the next 2-weeks are listed below. The AiDash forecast is based on their predictive model using data from satellites. The proprietary model uses these inputs including: Vegetation health (NDVI), Land cover, Land Surface Temperature, Digital Elevation Model, Drought (SPI) and Rainfall (Forecast).

Wildfire hotspots in Spain: (Note: the top 8 are at equal risk of imminent wild fires while 9 and 10 are at lower risk)

  • Malaga (Coastal)
  • Granada (Coastal)
  • Almeria (Coastal)
  • Salamanca
  • Zamora
  • Jaen
  • Cuenca
  • Albacete
  • Burgos
  • Barcelona (Coastal)

This chart illustrates the looming high risk of wildfires across large parts of Spain. Dr Anil Singh at AiDash commented: “Global warming has increased the frequency of extreme weather events. We have used satellites to explore what’s happening to land surface temperatures and using our model looked ahead for such extreme weather events. Portugal and Spain have already been impacted by wildfires but there is more on the way. The rising land surface temperatures will not only lead to heightened instances of wildfires but also crop water being at risk”.

This satellite illustration indicates increases and decreases of land surface temperatures (up to 6 degrees celsius) in Europe. This is based on average changes in temperatures over the past 20 years. Temperatures in European countries have soared higher than in the pre-industrial era.

Meanwhile, globally, in the past month (June 2022) AiDash can illustrate the rising temperature in Antarctica. Clearly, this is a global problem.

“Early warning is crucial for any potential crisis so that authorities can prepare and ultimately protect property and lives. This is true not only for those on holiday in Spain, but also for any core industry around the world that is exposed to the devastation of storms, wildfires, and other natural disasters,” said Abhishek Singh, co-founder and CEO of AiDash.


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