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The World’s First Sculptural Coral Bank

Counting Coral is a nonprofit committed to the protection and restoration of the world's coral reefs.

2 CC logo 1Counting Coral was founded 2 years ago by artist Jolyon Collier, who decided to connect the worlds of conservation and artistry to take direct action on the coral crisis. Counting Coral designs, builds, donates, and installs Sculptural Coral Banks; a new and advanced method to aid coral growth.

At first glance, Counting Coral’s Sculptural Coral Banks are a layout of beautiful and elegant stainless steel sculptures arranged underwater. However, their brilliance only starts there. Beyond their aesthetic appearance, these sculptures are planted out with climate-resilient coral, and meticulously designed in order to protect and naturally propagate the reef systems, whilst maintaining a healthy coral supply for harvesting when needed.

In addition to their environmental impact, the sculptures will provide additional revenues and tourism for the surrounding communities, as well as act as an awareness driver for the coral crisis.

The installation of the first ever Sculptural Coral Bank is this July, in the waters of Nacula Island, in Fiji. This installation will not only provide immense support for the deterioration of Fiji’s coral reefs, but it will act as a catalyst for a future of installations around the world.


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