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Sand Mining is Taking its Toll on Our Beaches

Every day we lose a little part of our beaches because of excessive sand mining.

One might think that our sand supplies are endless, but even the desert state Qatar has to import sand to support its construction projects. Why? Because they don’t have the right type of sand.

Infographic SandThanks to the wind erosion, desert sand has a round structure which doesn’t stick to cement and therefore can’t be used for concrete. Marine sand, on the other hand, is more angular, making it adequate for construction. The demand for marine sand is therefore extremely high.

Mostly because of the growing construction industry in the last 30 years, the demand for sand has grown by 360%. As this percentage continues to rise, we have started to deplete our resources. It is hard to imagine not having any beaches left by 2100 but this might just be the case if things don’t change.

By Molly Connell, Trade Machines


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