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From Local Fishing Vessels to International Recognition in a Century

Hundested Propeller A/S lives a quiet life in a niche industry. Despite this, the company has gone from repairing local fishing vessels to developing, producing, and delivering propulsion systems, propellers, axles, and maritime equipment to the global maritime market.

Hundested Propeller has never made a big deal out of itself. Coming from a modest past repairing local fishing vessels in 1921, the company has evolved into a leading brand in its niche in the maritime industry over the past 100 years.

“Our strength lies in our 100 years’ worth of knowledge of propulsion systems and propellers along with our technicians’ and engineers’ vast experience and expertise. We can always deliver the right solution for our clients swiftly, no matter the size and complexity of the project”, says Henrik Damsgaard, technical leader at Hundested Propeller. He elaborates:

A crucial element of our success is that all parts of development and production of our solutions takes place under the same roof in Hundested. This results in great flexibility and fast delivery of spare parts, which our clients value. This is valuable in times of crisis, such as during the Covid-19 pandemic and currently, when supply and logistics are highly affected by the war in Ukraine.HUP 2201 2K

(Photo credit: Hundested Propeller A/S)

The 40-employee company from Denmark has flourished exactly because Hundested Propeller excels with their many years of experience and expertise, and because of their swift delivery times that can be crucial for whether an order is placed.

From a portfolio consisting of in-house produced, tried-and-true standard products, Hundested Propeller can modify and develop new solutions and systems for fishing vessels, special- and service vessels along with superyachts with sails or motor both nationally and internationally. This has gained Hundested Propeller international renown in the maritime industry.

“We have lived a quiet and stable life for over 100 years now. Despite that, our name is well-known and respected in the market, which naturally we are very proud of”, says Henrik Damsgaard.

BSI will continue the success

Hundested Propeller’s many years of stability along with being a well-known brand has not gone unnoticed. In 2019, Danish ship manufacturer BSI A/S bought the company and integrated it into BSI Group under its original name and with headquarters placed close to Hundested harbour in Northern Zealand, Denmark.

HUP 2201 3K

(Photo credit: Hundested Propeller A/S)

“Through 100 years, Hundested Propeller has proven their worth and earned their position in the market. They are creative, skilled, and flexible, and not dependent on any engine manufacturers. They are an asset that compliments and reinforces BSI’s portfolio”, says Morten Madsen, CEO at BSI A/S. Regarding the plans for the future he adds:

“We see big opportunities in Hundested Propeller’s product area within the global maritime market, where commercial ships and superyachts with sails are of special interest. On top of that, technologies in the field of effective propulsion, for example hybrid technology, are gaining attention and is put on the agenda all around the world due to the intense focus on CO2-reduction and climate footprints.”


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