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Grant Supports Salmon Research in Arctic Regions

The Research Council of Norway’s regional fund Northern Norway has awarded $340,000 USD to research on effects on health feed for salmon farmed in arctic regions.


This project is the second of a total of four long term trials scheduled to take place at the Arctic Salmon Research Centre (ASRC). ASRC was established in 2015 by EWOS and Cermaq together with three research institutions (Nofima, Univeristy of Nordland, and NMBU-University of Life Sciences).

Salmon fish farming in this region has had a weaker economic sustainability than fish farming further south. This is due to a longer production period, fish health challenges that are unique for the region, and a bigger variation in product quality. ASRC will find the causes to these challenges, by studying the significance of feed customized for the fish farming conditions in Finnmark.

“To this date, we have little systematic research activity on salmon farmed in Finnmark, and EWOS wants to be an important contributor to new, strategic knowledge when it comes to arctic salmon fish farming, says product manager Ernst Hevrøy, EWOS’ representative in the professional council for centre research activity.

“Arctic environmental conditions are well suited for salmon farming, therefore the potential is great. Research on fish farmed at suboptimal arctic conditions with long periods of low sea temperatures and short days is therefore very important for the aquaculture industry, and EWOS is leading the way in the development of new knowledge.”

The first project started up in mid-November, and is about optimizing growth and feed utilization. The fish from this study is currently being prepared and analyzed. The third project is related to optimizing Omega-3 in the fish, and in the fourth project quality and pigmentation will be studied. EWOS is part of Cargill Animal Nutrition. For more information, click here.


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