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Unlocking Efficiency and Precision in Aquaculture

In the dynamic world of fishery and aquaculture, meticulous observation and proactive maintenance are the keys to success. CHASING Innovation proudly presents its subsea ROV solutions, designed to streamline regular observation and inspection processes, facilitate real-time monitoring of water quality parameters, and enhance debris removal practices.

CHASING M2 PRO MAX industrial-grade ROV features high-power anti-stuck motors and exceptional anti-flow capabilities, offering unmatched performance in challenging underwater environments. With eight thrusters that enable precise 360-degree omni-directional movement, a diving depth up to 200 m, and an HD 4K EIS lens, CHASING M2 PRO MAX delivers unparalleled clarity in inspection recordings. The standard 300 Wh battery boasts a 4-hour runtime, with support for seamless replacement with a 700 Wh battery or shore-based power supply. The slide-in platform enables quick accessory assembly and disassembly, along with a built-in docking station, offering versatile accessory mounting options and allowing for the integration of additional tools and equipment to suit specific operational needs. The external floodlights provide 8000lm brightness and avoid visual interference caused by the reflection of floating debris.

Benefits at a Glance:

  1. Regular Observation and Inspection: CHASING ROVs empower fish farm owners with the ability to conduct regular, thorough inspections of cage environments. By effortlessly maneuvering through underwater spaces, these ROVs ensure that every aspect of the aquaculture operation is meticulously monitored, allowing for early detection of issues and timely intervention, such as fishing net damage or potential hazards.
  2. Real-time Monitoring of Water Quality Parameters: With CHASING ROVs, monitoring essential water quality parameters becomes a seamless and instantaneous process. From pH levels to dissolved oxygen concentrations, these ROVs provide real-time data, enabling aquaculturists to make informed decisions and maintain optimal conditions for aquatic life.
  3. Efficient Debris Removal: CHASING ROVs excel in debris removal tasks, efficiently clearing cage environments of any unwanted materials or biofouling. By keeping cages clean and free from obstruction, these ROVs foster a healthier environment for aquatic organisms to thrive, ultimately enhancing overall productivity.

Accessories for Enhanced Functionality:

  • CHASING WSRC: Waterproof and user-friendly, this large screen facilitates easy data management, even in adverse weather conditions.
  • CHASING Grabber Arm 2: Versatile and precise, the grabber arm facilitates underwater salvage, sampling, and biofouling removal with ease.
  • CHASING Floodlight 2: Enhance visibility in turbid waters with the CHASING Floodlight 2, ensuring clear observations in any environment.
  • CHASING Water Sampler (500 ml): Facilitates precise onshore water quality testing, essential for maintaining optimal aquaculture conditions.
  • CHASING Multi-Parameter Sonde: Real-time monitoring of crucial water parameters ensures proactive management of aquaculture environments.
  • Backup Batteries and C-SPSS: Ensure uninterrupted operations with backup batteries and the CHASING Shore-based Power Supply System, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

CHASING’s ROV solutions have been embraced by aquaculture professionals worldwide for their reliability, efficiency, and ability to revolutionize industry practices. As the aquaculture sector continues to evolve, CHASING remains at the forefront, driving innovation and empowering stakeholders with cutting-edge technology.


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