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Anglian Water Successfully Lowers TSS and Algae with LG Sonic Technology

Anglian Water provides drinking water supply to more than six million people, covering the largest geographical area of England and Wales. Besides providing water supply, Anglian Water promotes the use of its’ reservoirs for leisure and recreation.

Anglian Water’s Alton Water Reservoir and treatment works can treat up to 10 million imperial gallons (42,000 m3) of water a day. The water treatment works was at a high risk of a total loss of water supply event to 92,214 properties. Abnormal growth of algae during the summer months and an accumulation of suspended solids caused severe stress to the filtration process, which in turn threatened operations of the downstream plant.

To understand the water quality issues and solids present in the water, Anglian Water scientists conducted extensive water quality sampling. Next, through a referral from Anglian Water CEO Peter Simpson, the project team contacted LG Sonic to discuss whether the company can solve algal blooms issues while maintaining the utility’s high safety standards. It was therefore vital that LG Sonic ultrasound uses low-power frequencies and has been previously proven by researchers to be safe for fish, plants, and other aquatic life.

To remove very high turbidity caused by varying sized algae, Anglian Water has chosen to install 13 MPC-Buoy systems in Alton Water Reservoir. “By utilizing the services of LG Sonic and their MPC-View monitoring system, it is far easier to see and identify what is happening in the reservoir. When required, LG Sonic will increase the power output to the ultrasonics, which helps reduce any sudden growth and assist with keeping algae and turbidity levels down in the reservoir. Since the installation of the MPC-Buoys and ultrasonic program, we have started to see the benefits in the reduction of suspended solids coming into the works and a reduction in algae going through the works. The system suppresses the algae in the reservoir, which reduces the growth of the algae.”

Due to high turbidity, Alton Water Treatment Works could only achieve the output of 36 Ml/d. After the installation of LG Sonic technology, Alton WTW can deliver for the first time the expected output of 42 Ml/d.

By LG Sonic

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