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Now Entering the Mobile Era: The Aqua TROLL® 500

A leading manufacturer of water quality monitoring equipment, In-Situ, is launching the new a cost-effective multiprobe ideal for both spot checks and long-term monitoring. Aqua TROLL® 500 is a wireless-enabled instrument that streamlines data collection, saving hours in the field while delivering more reliable data.

“Our goal with the Aqua TROLL 500 is to help bring sampling and monitoring into the mobile era,” says Ashley Steinbach, In-Situ product manager. “For us, it’s about helping people waste less time on data collection, so they can spend more time actually making decisions with their data.”

Auto-configuration and fast sensor response speed up sampling, while automated data collection eliminates the need to record data in field logs. In-Situ’s VuSitu Mobile App records data directly from the probe to your mobile device when using the instrument as a handheld. For long-term monitoring, In-Situ’s HydroVu platform provides 24/7 online data access. Whether a project requires short term or long term monitoring, the Aqua TROLL is the multiprobe for the job, the company said.

“It connects right into telemetry systems for long-term monitoring, and it also comes with wireless-enabled data collection for surface water spot checks,” says Steinbach. “It’s one of the most flexible probes we make, designed to help trim monitoring costs and time in the field.”

The sonde is designed with ultra-stable, interchangeable wet-mateable sensors, for lower total cost of ownership. Like all of In-Situ’s high-performance probes, the Aqua TROLL 500 is built for reliability and ease of use. Unique anti-fouling wiper and corrosion-resistant housing help protect data quality in harsh conditions, with simplified calibration and setup to minimize user error.

The Aqua TROLL 500 works in a wide range of applications such as surface water spot sampling and profiling, remote monitoring via telemetry, long-term drinking water, wastewater or stormwater monitoring, aquaculture and for wired or wireless water quality networks.

In-Situ explained that The Aqua TROLL product family will give scientists and engineers more flexibility to design sampling and monitoring programs that fit their specific needs and budget requirements.

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