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Transmark Subsea and Boxfish Research to Launch ARV-i 
at Ocean Business 21

In October, an entirely new class of underwater observation vehicle, the ARV-i, will be launched at Ocean Business 21.

New Zealand-based Boxfish Research and Norwegian partner Transmark Subsea developed the autonomous underwater resident vehicle in a joint venture. The innovative technology enables continuous monitoring of underwater assets with application to a range of offshore industries, including energy, oil and gas, wind farms and aquaculture.

ARV-i offers users operational flexibility and is configurable for fully autonomous self-piloting or manual control. It may be deployed for months underwater when operating as a resident vehicle. A proprietary subsea docking station facilitates wireless battery-charging and transfer of data from vehicle excursions. Prior programming and onboard intelligence enable the ARV-i to navigate the underwater terrain, locating and observing assets autonomously when in resident mode.

In addition to incorporating Transmark Subsea’s cutting-edging underwater power and communication technology, the ARV-i benefits from the innovative features of the Boxfish ROV platform. The lightweight, low-profile vehicle weighs only 25kg allowing operation in small spaces, while the eight-thruster design offers advanced stability and manoeuvrability. ARV-i delivers unparalleled observation quality in the underwater environment with up to 6 machine vision cameras, a 4K navigation camera and 17,000 lumens of lighting.

High-speed optical and acoustic communications enable remote control of the vehicle. A manual piloting mode using live video or a digital environment twin is available for the ARV-i if onshore staff require direct control. Additionally, 4K video stored on the vehicle facilitates 3D modelling capability.

The ARV-i is an untethered solution, but it may also be configured with a fibre-optic connection if a higher quality video stream is required. Implementation using a subsea Tether Management System allows uncompressed 4K video streaming and faster data transfer.

Ocean Business 21 is a hands-on ocean technology exhibition, and training forum held on 12-14 October 2021 in the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK. Boxfish Research and Transmark Subsea are pleased to join the ocean science and technology community at this event to launch their pioneering product, ARV-i. Visitors may register for a free ticket on the Ocean Business 21 website and visit us at exhibition stand W36.

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