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The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement announced a solicitation for Proposed Safety and Technology Verification Research Projects on July 26, 2017. The projects are related to renewable energy in the Outer Continental Shelf.

A white paper less than 5 pages discussing the details of the topic are due August 25, 2017. Submissions must be sent to the contracting office Afua Serwah-Asibey at [email protected].

2017 BSEE Technology Assessment Program offers 5 topics related to Wind Power Structure Research:

Topic 1: Additional Model Testing of Cyclic Axial Loading on Piles for Jacket Foundations
Objective: To further the understanding of behavior of jacket foundation piles under long term cyclic loading from axial loads.

Topic 2: Cyclic Loading of Suction Bucket Foundations in Undrained Sand
Objective: To improve methods of designing suction bucket foundations in sandy soil under long term cyclic loads.

Topic 3: Design Life Issues Related to Corrosion and Fatigue
Objective: To study how offshore wind turbine foundation design life is affected by corrosion and fatigue issues, and whether longer design life is feasible.

Topic 4: Study of Geologic Hazards for Pacific Region Offshore Wind Farms
Objective: To assess the unique geologic hazards of the West Coast of the US and Hawaii as to how they could impact the siting of offshore wind farms.

Topic 5: Wind Area Power Density
Objective: To better understand the actual power offtake potential of a large offshore wind farm considering wake effects, turbine spacing, etc.