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New Website Tool Generates CPRA Project Data for Louisiana’s 20 Coastal Parishes

This week, the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) announced a new website tool that highlights past, current and future projects across Louisiana’s 20 coastal parishes. Using the existing website interface of the Coastal Information Management System (CIMS), the Parish Fact Sheets tool generates parish-specific data.

The tool features an interactive map that allows users to hover over and identify individual coastal Louisiana parishes for fact sheet generation. Fact sheets detail parish-specific coastal projects completed since CPRA’s inception in 2007, work underway, and work outlined in the 2017 Coastal Master Plan to protect and restore our coast.

For each project listed on each parish fact sheet, an overview is provided that includes the funding program and project cost. Coastal Master Plan projects are also listed and an implementation timeframe is identified for these.

Since 2007, CPRA projects have improved 297 miles of levee and benefitted 41,325 acres of land.

“CPRA has hundreds of millions of dollars of work underway, but our projects are often in remote areas or out there along the coast, so folks can’t always see what we’re building,” said CPRA Executive Director Michael Ellison.

Available for use any time of day and from any location, the website tool is another resource from CPRA aimed to heighten the awareness of Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan, the $20 billion work implemented since 2007 and the millions of dollars of work underway and needed to protect and restore Louisiana’s coast.

The Coastal Information Management System and Parish Fact Sheet tool are made possible through a partnership with the USGS Wetlands and Aquatic Research Center’s Advanced Applications Team.

Source: CPRA

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